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Vintage Store Bats

1. Nelson Fox, Hillerich & Bradsby LL30. Has bold labeling and a nice knob. Has a handle crack. A very nice 32" little league bat. Ex+ $35

2. Johnny Bench, Hillerich & Bradsby 220KLL. A nice uncracked 30 inch little league bat with great wood, a nice knob and excellent labeling. Ex/Mt $35

3. Hank Aaron, Hillerich & Bradsby 125LL. A nice 32 inch bat circa the 1960's. Has nice labeling. Has a taped up handle crack. Ex+ $40

4. Ted Williams, Hillerich & Bradsby 125. A 33 inch decal bat. About 60% of the decal remains. The barrel has a small chip on the side opposite the decal. Has a worn gold center logo. The knob is chipped. Vg+ $50

5. Lou Boudreau, Hanna Batrite. A 35 inch bat. Has a faint logo and labeling. Has a taped up handle crack. Has damage on the very end of the barrel. Has a nice round knob. Ex/Mt $35

6. Frank Robinson, Wilson A1360. A very nice uncracked 35 inch bat circa the 1960's. Has bold labeling. Has great wood and a nice knob. Ex/Mt $45

7. 1930's Wilson Baseball Bat, 1930's Wilson Famous Player model autographed by Pacific Coast League Hall of Famer Bill Raimondi. Raimondi played in the PCL from 1932-53. A nice 34 inch bat circa the 1930's. Has bold labeling. The knob is cracked and chipped. A nice bat. Ex+ $75

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Mini Bats

1. 1950's Portland Beavers Souvenir Bat, Adirondack. 18 inch mini bat. Has very light labeling. The wood has a nice antique patina. Ex+ $20

2. Bob Thomson, Adirondack 302. This bat was sawn in half with a flat back side and appears to have been affixed to a pennant or sign. Has beautifully etched in labeling. Nicely sawn. Near Mint condition. 8 1/2" $10 sold

Autographed mini bats are listed under Autographed Bats.

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Vintage Game Used Bats

1990's Spring Training Game Used Bat, 1997-98 Louisville Slugger C243. Has Cudda written on the knob. Has a very light handle crack. Great condition. Perfect for gathering autographs. 34" $35

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Autographed Mini Bats

All autographed bats come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

1. Cecil Travis Autographed Mini Bat, mint 11 inch Louisville Slugger 125 mini bat autographed nicely in black Sharpie by 1930's Washington Senators star Cecil Travis. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint $50

2. Hillis Layne Autographed Mini Bat, mint 16 inch black mini bat autographed and noted in silver:."Washington Senators 1941-45", Seattle 1957-50", "1947 PCL Batting Champion" and "3/10/2005". Mint condition. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. RHT $40

3. Duane Pillette Autographed Mini Bat. A beautiful vintage Hillerich & Bradsby mini bat boldly autographed by Pillette. Duane is the son of Herm Pillette and was born in Detroit in 1922 the same year his father won 19 games for the Tigers. Duane pitched for 8 seasons in the majors (1949-56) with the Yankees, Browns, Orioles and Phillies. He won 10 games with the inagural Orioles team in 1954.. 16" Ex/Mt $30

4. Bobby Thomson Autographed Mini Bat, Adirondack 302. Thomson nicely autographed and noted: "Oct 3 1951" (The date of "The shot heard around the world"). 1950's style bat sawn in half length wise and once was glued to a pennant or something similar. Nicely etched in labeling. Near mint condition. Comes with certificate of authenticity. 8 1/2" $30

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Equipment, Uniforms etc...

Vintage Catcher's Masks

1. 1950's Mickey Mantle Catcher's Mask, Hawthorne (Wards) 60-4148. Nice quality circa 1950's adult size mask. Has excellent straps and buckles. The pads appear to have puppy chewing damage. however no holes go through leather. Nice labeling on strap. Side pads have names written. Ex+ $65

2. 1950's Catcher's Mask, Unknown manufacturer. Nice high quality circa 1950's adult size mask. Has excellent straps and buckles. The pads have light wear on the bottom. Ex/Mt $55

3. 1950's Catcher's Mask, Spalding. Nice adolescent size 1950's mask. Has excellent pads, straps and buckles. Ex/Mt $45


Vintage Catcher's Chest Protector

1940's Chest Protector, Spalding 2P. A very nice adolescent size chest protector. Has excellent original straps and buckles. Has light staining. 28 inches in length, will fit most people under 5-9. Excellent condition. Ex/Mt $95


Vintage Catcher's Shin Guards

1920's Reeded Shin Guards, Unknown manufacturer. Nice quality multi sport adult size shin guards. The straps & buckles are original and intact except one strap has been repaired. The padding is in great condition. Ex+ $85


Vintage Baseball Uniforms and Jerseys

1. 1950's Baseball Uniform, Wilson. A nice adolescent size wool uniform. Has great red and blue piping and nice Wilson labels in the jersey and pants. Fantastic condition. The Jersey has no holes or tears and the pants have a couple of nicely done repairs on the knees. The jersey and pants are size large youth. Ex/Mt $50

2. 1950's-60's Baseball Jersey, Russell Southern Co. Nice cotton blend jersey, "Retail Clerks, Local 1439 AFL-CIO" team. Has sewn on letters and numbers. Medium youth size. Great condition. Ex/Mt $30


Vintage Baseball Cleats

1. 1940's Baseball Cleats. MacGregor. Has leather soles. Size 7 1/2. Has a sewn on pitchers toe protector that is worn. The cloth label is worn. Nice display items. Ex+ $45 sold

2. 1950's Baseball Cleats Pitcher's Toe Plate. Wilson. These toe plates were screwed on to the tip of the pitcher's cleat to protect it because pitchers drags their toe across the mound down from the pitcher's rubber after releasing the pitch. With original packaging. Unused but has wear from storage. Ex/Mt $25 sold


Vintage Umpire's Equipment

1950's-60's Umpire's Ball & Strike Counter, Everlast. Works perfectly. Outstanding condition. Import. Ex/Mt $20 sold


Miscellaneous Baseball Equipment

1. 1940's Sliding Pads, Wilson A3650. Little if any use. Adult size. Nice cloth label. Superb condition. Ex/Mt $40 sold

2. 1950's Baseball Cap, Unknown manufacturer. Wool cap with several small moth holes. Still displayable. Size small. Vg $15

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Vintage Baseballs

1. 1930's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. Has a great antique color and patina. No holes or torn stitching. Has a few scuffs. Ex+ $45

2. 1930's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. A nice depression era baseball that has been restitched (common practice during the depression). No holes or torn stitching. Nice patina. Ex/Mt $35 sold

3. 1940's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. A very nice baseball with excellent stitching and a nice patina. Ex/Mt $30

4. 1950's American Association Baseball. Nice game used ball signed by Bob Hale. Ex+ $35

5. 1950's Baseball. Unknown manufacturer. A nice baseball with excellent stitching. Has a few scuffs. Ex+ $20

6. 1950's Baseball. MacGregor 97. Nice labeling. Has youth or high school autographs on baseball. Excellent condition. Ex+ $20

7. Mint 1960's Jack Fisher "Warm-Up" Baseball, Hollander JF-20. This is a mint heavy rubberized baseball made for warming up one's arm. Fisher played 4 seasons with the Mets, 4 seasons with the Orioles and one season each with the Giants, Reds and White Sox during the 1950's and 60's. During his 4 seasons with the Mets he averaged nearly 20 losses each season (24 losses in 1965). But even the year he lost 24 games he had fewer hits allowed than innings pitched and had an excellent strike out to walk ratio, giving further evidence to the old addage that you have to be a good pitcher to lose 20 games. This baseball is a unique item. Mint $20

8. 1980's-90's Bill White National League Baseball in Box. Ball has light toning and a faded autograph, otherwise ball and box are in nice condition. Ex+ $15

9. 1980's-90's Bobby Brown American League Baseball in Box. Game used ball. Bold labeling. Ex+ $15

10. 1995 Cal Ripken American League Commemorative Baseball. In original box. Light spots of toning. Excellent condition. Ex/Mt $20

11. 1997 Jackie Robinson American League Commemorative Baseball. Nice condition with spots of toning or browning. Ex+ $15


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Vintage Softball Equipment and Memorabilia

1. 1950's MacGregor Softball. MacGregor 400. An unused softball in great condition. Has an "Archdiocese of Washington CYO" stamp on one side. Has a "second" stamp on another panel. Mint condition. $25

2. 1945 Wheaties "Want to be a Softball Champion?" Booklet by Ty Gleason & Arnie Simso, Superb condition. Measures 5x7 inches. Has 30 pages filled with photos, articles and diagrams from Minnesota softball stars Ty Gleason and Arnie Simso.. Ex/Mt+ $10

3. 2006 "King and His Court" Softball Autographed by Eddie Feigner, Jack Knight, Rich Hoppe and Jason Fisher. Mint Dudley softball autographed by the legendary team in 2006, Feigner's last year as an active player. Two other unknown team members signed the ball as well. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Mint $75

4. 1937 Softball Equpment Flyer/Advertisement.11x17 unfolded. Has Louisville Slugger bats, Converse high top softball shoes, Wilson gloves & softballs and uniforms on the reverse side. Nice condition. Ex/Mt $25

5. 1956 MacGregor Softball Rule Book. 16 page booklet. Has equipment ad inside the front cover. No back cover, otherwise nice condition. Vg+ $10

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